We are situated in Punta Sabbioni, 1km from the boat terminal to Venice with departures every 30 mins, and every hour to the surrounding islands, Burano, Torcello and Murano.We are on a spit of flat land which is ideal for various excursions by bicycle, to Chioggia passing through Lido di Venezia and Pellestrina or else a visit to the north of the Lagoon, Lio Piccolo – Mesole – and S. Ersamo nicknamed the green island with its rich artichoke fields.The beach is 1 km well worth a walk or a swim in the Adratic sea, suitable for young and old, and only two minutes by car or by bicycle.


One of the most beautiful islands of the Lagoon, with its colourful, and unique fishermen houses along with its traditional works of lace made by extremly skilled craftswomen.

An island with a very important history, with its Cathedral S.Maria Assunta and its wonderful Mosaic’s, S.Fosca and the Museum of the Estuario.

Famous for its production of glass made by skilled glassblowers, creating beautiful and colourful pieces in all forms and sizes and its worth while a visit to the church of S.S.Maria e Donato.

Vaporetto boat N°20 from S. Marco’s square. A very ancient libray which contains antique scripts, and rich works of art along with its typography.

A fisherman’s island with an atmosphere of Venice, full of delightfull colours, side streets, canals and bridges, well worth a visit.

About 15 km with one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, ideal for shopping, and an enjoyable night out with is various disco’s, bars and restaurants or else experience its fun waterpark (Acqualandia) suitable for all.


A day out to these splendid and intriguing Villas of Palladio situated along the river Brenta where you can see works of art and fascinating architecture.
Villa Pisani : 9/18, Via Doge Pisani 7, Stra, Padova. Tel. 049/ 50.20.74
Villa “La Malcontenta” : 9/12 aperta solo il martedì ed il sabato. Via Dei Turisti 9, Oriago, Venezia. Tel. 0410/ 54.70.012
Villa Contarini : 9/12 – 14/17, chiuso il lunedì. Piazzola sul Brenta, Padova. Tel. 049/ 55.90.995
Villa Barbarigo : 9/12 – 14 fino al tramonto, chiuso domenica mattina e lunedì tutta la giornata.
Villa “La Rotonda” Capra Valmarana : 10/12 – 14:30/17:30, solo il mercoledì, A due km da Vicenza . Tel. 0444/ 32.17.93
Villa Foscarini : 9/12 – 14:30/18 dal lunedì al venerdì, 10/18 il sabato e la domenica. Stra, Padova. Tel. 049/ 98.00.943
Villa Gradenigo : visite solo su prenotazione telefonica. Mira, Venezia. Tel. 041/ 42.96.31 oppure 049/ 79.35.44
Villa Barbaro : 15/18 il martedì, sabato, domenica e giorni festivi. Maser, Treviso. Tel. 0423/ 92.30.04
Villa Castello di Roncade : 8:30 – 12:30 – 14:30/17:30. Roncade, Treviso. Tel. 0422/ 70.87.36